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Explore with Us!

There are a lot of bored women leading mediocre lives! We are here to change that!

Explore… Your world… Your country… Your town… Your backyard… Your mind… Just explore!

Our Goals:

Dive In! We get out of our comfort zones – and get you out of yours!

We are a group of women who have made it a priority to explore. Not only do we explore, but we are passionate about helping others develop the habit of exploration. We have found ways to hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for exploring and getting out of our comfort zones. We are passionate about sharing these practices with others.

Stay Curious! We Improve our lives through curiosity & exploration.

You see…exploration is vital to your sense of wellbeing. And here’s the big secret (are you ready for this?)…It’s actually very easy. Don’t get us wrong…you can definitely spend a lot of time and money and energy exploring. Sometimes it’s worth it! But you can also explore anywhere, any time. The important thing is to explore.

Be Happy! Through our podcast and the challenges, we make connections.

We realized that while we are all grateful for this podcast for how it pushes us to discover and grow…to explore…that wasn’t enough. For this podcast to reach its full potential, to achieve its mission – now OUR mission – we had to bring this magnetic force that pulls us to explore, to other women. We needed to find a way to help other women from all over the world rise up out of mediocrity and into the joy of exploration.

What people are saying:

As a novelist, it’s really exciting to be able to get this kind of feedback from people who are well-read and well-versed…Thank you guys so much! I really enjoyed your passion.”

― Dr. Ian K. Smith, Author of Wolf Point. Guest on Episode #29 and Episode #57.

Do not throw in the towel on this because you’ve got something that’s really unique and exciting and fun. And it’s good; and we need it. So, full speed ahead is my advice.”

― Paul Boynton, Author of Begin with YES! Guest on Episode #18.

That was one of the most delightful 15 minutes of my entire life…I haven’t gotten that much reader feedback and thoughts in the entire time that it [the book] has existed.”

― Jonathan Pritchard, Author of Think Like a Mind Reader. Guest on Episode #42.

I would definitely (and this is not lip service) I would love to come back next year. This has been one of the funnest podcasts I’ve done.”

― Michael Rucker, Author of The Fun Habit. Guest on Episode #40.

“Talking to you last May about…the experiences that you guys are having, the way that you challenge yourselves to do something out of your comfort zones was so inspiring to me that I’ve done 3 things over the last few months that I have never done before.”

― Cindy Ratzlaff, Author of Queen of Your Own Life. Guest on Episode #25.

I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for inviting me…This is my first podcast ever and so it was just a treat. You guys are welcoming and beautiful people.”

― BirdLadyDrin, TikTok Creator & Ornithologist. Guest on Episode #48.

“You get such this beautiful momentum going so that someone doesn’t have to do it alone…and that way we can pick out that icky stuff and get rid of it, so that we can have those smooth waters. And that’s what I feel like you do and that’s why I feel like it’s so important. That’s what I feel like you’re going to be doing on a grander scale. That’s what I see with you guys. You’re doing a great job.”

― Trish McKinnley, Manifesting Expert and Goddess Coach. Guest on Episode #51.

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About us

This is a podcast about women who explore – friends who go on adventures.

Siren Soapbox is a podcast with a core group of Sirens as the heart and soul. We explore, then get on our soapbox as a secure space to discuss our experiences and opinions.

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Explore with us!