Episode # 28: The Adventure Challenge

What is life, but one grand adventure?

Adventure comes in many shapes and sizes. Let’s face it, one person’s adventure, is another person’s day-to-day. Sometimes it’s fun to see how differently we all interpret adventure, and to what depths or lengths we go to experience new things.

This is what I love about The Adventure Challenge. Each description provides the scaffolding for an adventure waiting to happen…all you have to do is build it – the possibilities are endless!

We randomly chose a date for all of us. One day Siren Tracy was running late for a meeting (the “other” job was taking up her time). LC and Mur decided that the minutes after the hour that she arrived for the meeting would determine which adventure we’d scratch off. TC arrived at 5:36, and so…date 36 became the basis for episode #28.

Each of the Sirens’ Adventure Challenge dates were different!

First up on her soapbox was Mur:

Mark & I bought the Adventure Date Challenge about a year ago and we set a goal to complete all 50 dates by our 5th anniversary. We currently have 27 months to complete 48 more! For this adventure date, Mark and I decided to get ready to walk out the door before we scratched off the instructions. Thanks to the design of the book, we knew we needed to be hungry and we knew we needed to ditch our kids. 

The reveal told us that we would need to make a list of restaurants we haven’t experienced before, then choose one for dinner. We decided to pick 3 restaurants each, assigned each a number, then rolled a die to decide our fate. We ended up at Pompas Argentinian Gastro Pub…#4 in the list.

We showed up to this crowded restaurant on a Saturday night with no reservations, which were required if we wanted to sit anywhere but the bar. Lucky for us, we love sitting at the bar. The bartender told us his favorite 2 of the 4 entrees that were on the menu…the salmon and the steak. We probably wouldn’t have ordered those meals because we knew we were going to gorge on popcorn for dessert. We were blown away by the flavors and the portions were just right. I loved the way the restaurant was decorated. The back bar was littered with adorable penguin shaped decanters that we believe are used for wine…they had a few on tap. I sat there thinking how thankful I was that we were brought to this eclectic place.

After dinner, we wandered into a movie theater with no idea what movies were even out. We learned we were between movies and our choices were Spiral (which was just on the opening credits) or Those Who Wish Me Dead (which had a published start time just a few minutes in the future). Given Mark’s aversion to gore, and my desire to complete the date without hearing “mango”, we decided on the latter. Those Who Wish Me Dead was a great movie and I was happy to see a film featuring Angelina Jolie…it’s been a minute since I’ve seen her in a new movie.

Guest Siren Sara’s Soapbox:

Well, not only was this exciting because it was a really cool date idea, but it was extra special because this was my original invitation to be a guest Siren! Who knew I’d be a pro-rookie by now!

Bill and I had fun looking through the Adventure Challenge book imagining all the fun dates we can plan. This date, though, was perfect. We often plan away dates to explore new cities or towns, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do just that. Bill was all in as soon as we scratched off date #36. We started with the movie part of the date, because Bill wanted to find an old renovated movie theater that still shows movies. He did some research and found one not too far away in Franklin Indiana: The Historic Artcraft Theatre. The theater has 1 movie screen so only plays one movie at a time, usually only for a few days. There are 2 showings a day, so without knowing what was showing on our date night, Bill bought 2 tickets for an evening show.

Next, we compiled a list of local restaurants we could choose from. While we obviously were looking for somewhere we had never been before (easy to do in a new town, admittedly) we wanted to find a restaurant we would enjoy. We didn’t think it would be a good idea to try out a sushi place seeing as neither of us like sushi. I suppose that would have been extra ‘adventury’ of us, but-no.

Once we arrived in Franklin, we wandered around and looked at the restaurant options we had lined up. We picked Blue cactus Taco and Tequila Bar. I mean, can’t go wrong with tequila involved. Plus it was close to the movie theater. It was really fun sitting down and saying ‘we won’t need menus.’ We filled our server in on what we were doing, and she was excited to bring out her 2 favorite dishes. It was fun to not even think about what I wanted to eat. We had great food- a yummy chicken taco with a great sauce (can’t remember what it was called), and grilled fish tacos. I would never have picked the fish tacos- unless it comes with chips and vinegar, I’m not a huge fish fan. But, it was really good so I’m glad I tried it!

After dinner we walked around the corner to the theater. The movie that night was One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. A classic film watched in an old, renovated movie theater! A really fun adventure date for sure. We can’t wait to scratch off another adventure date!

Siren TC’s Soapbox:

Ahhhhh…living on an island!

Dino and I already keep a list of restaurants we want to try. This part of the challenge was easy! We had 6 restaurants on our list.

To keep the choice random, Dino texted his daughter, Kylee, and asked her to pick a number between 1 & 6. She chose 3.

The third restaurant on our list was Duggan’s Reef. I was excited…this restaurant is right on the water, and perfect for a date night!

We looked on facebook for the number to make reservations…we discovered that the restaurant was closed while the owners were in Boston for a graduation. Our date was scheduled for Friday, May 28th. The restaurant was closed until the 26th! Cutting it kinda close, so we decided to make a back-up plan.

Working our way down the list, restaurant #4 was Uptown Eatery. We discovered they had recently changed their hours – they now only offer lunch. Moving on….

…5th on the list was Bon Manjer. Just the day before, 3 people had been shot in their parking lot…

At this point we decided to try our luck with Duggan’s Reef. We left a message for reservations. 

Four days before our date, Dino experienced debilitating pain with his sciatic nerve – this has never happened to him before, and we weren’t sure how long it would last…

Fast forward…. We ended up calling Duggan’s Reef for takeout. The favorite 2 dishes of the woman who answered the phone are the surf and turf and the pork tenderloin. Dino was in so much pain, we had our date in bed. The food was amazing! I’m excited to go back, so we didn’t take it off our list of places to try.

Then we opened Netflix and watched the first movie listed in the “trending” category. The movie was “Greater.” I highly recommend it.

I’m so glad we had this adventure challenge. I love that we found a way to complete the challenge, even with all of the obstacles thrown at us. Dino and I love adventure…and we might not have looked for an adventure during this night of pain. But we had a great time and showed each other that there is always a way when we work together!

Siren Jess:

I first heard about this book from Mur and TC when they talked about using it for dates and thought it sounded interesting but didn’t pick it up.

Ben and I are creatures of habit and literally go to the same place for dinner at least once a weekend. But, I was excited to give it a try and get out of our comfort zone! Especially after this last year I felt some new and exciting things were overdue. I told Ben about the book and he was actually excited about it.

After we scratched off the date we started looking on google for places to eat and also asked some friends. It was exciting to discover places we had never even heard about!

We ended up going to Third Eye Brewing and getting some poutine, a burger, and a chicken sandwich. It was not what I expected because there was no table service so we ordered at the bar. The food was okay and I got a yummy passion fruit seltzer but I don’t know if it was really the best for a dinner date.

After dinner we went and got some ice cream and then chose a movie randomly from redbox and took it home because we really weren’t ready to go back to a theater. (We never really did movies before the pandemic either unless it was something we really wanted to see.) It ended up being The Equalizer 2 – thankfully we had seen the first one or it might have been confusing! The movie was a fun action flick.

I love this book getting us out and trying new things. We are excited for the next date night and seeing what the book challenges us with!

And, last on her soapbox was Siren LC:

The morning of our date, Jack put 6 random restaurants into an excel spreadsheet and then told me to pick a restaurant…I said, “okay – Cartridge Brewing.” “No,” he said, “pick a number between 1-6.” “Okay – 3!”

Jack sighed, “on the computer! Click the button!”

Click…and the random generator picked #3 cartridge brewing!

We dropped off my son with my parents and drove off. Only 2 min into our date, I see the animal rehab group I volunteer with was looking for people to help remove baby ducks from a building. I look at Jack and he said, “okay, looks like we are rescuing some ducks!” The only reason we agreed so quickly is because we were conveniently out in that area and we had no time constraints to be back home for Connor.

Not having any supplies on us we make a u-ie back to my parents to pick up blankets, scissors, and a big bin. More prepared, we made our way. Then as we are almost there, I get a message that the job was already done and the ducklings were already saved.

Deflated and sad that we couldn’t help Jack looked around and he realized we were literally right next to the theater we were going to go to after dinner… so we change course and went to the movie first (which felt weird and wrong to me, but it actually worked out perfect).

We walked in and A Quiet Place Part II started 10min ago…and I was like, “sold!” Jack hates previews and we missed most of those and I didn’t have to deal with what I would do if the Saw movie was next. I really enjoyed the movie and it was so surreal and AMAZING being in the theater again!!

Then we went to dinner- I had not been to the powder factory (as it used to be called) since it was a haunted house. I chickened out when a person in a Jason mask with a chainsaw was terrorizing people in line which with I’m sure TC sympathizes with. Now it’s called Cartridge Brewing and Restaurant.

My friend who I haven’t seen in a year was the bar tender!!! So we made her pick all of our drinks and food. Which was totally stressful for her ’cause she was like, “I don’t know what you like!” I was like, “no fruit, veggies or fish.”

When the server came out she said did you order beer cheese and pretzels? Um we don’t know! We had my friend come over to confirm…chef’s kiss. Up next she consulted with the chef and he made us something that was an old family recipe. It came out and it was kimchee pizza – basically coleslaw pizza – which is two of Jack’s least favorite foods ever and here they are combined in all its glory! Ha!

Fun fact we did find out that the restaurant had an hour and a half wait so it totally worked out that we went to the movie first! Absolutely loved doing this and letting the universe pick everything- it was a bit freeing, I cannot wait to do it again!!!

We had so much fun, we decided to do the adventure challenge again! But this time as a Facebook Live!

Join us on Facebook Live on July 15th at 7pm EST to hear about our experiences with date #35.

In fact, buy your own copy of the book, complete date #35, send us a message on our “Contact the Sirens” page…and maybe you can join us on Facebook Live!

Buy your copy of the Adventure Challenge book here. Use the code “SIRENS” for a 10% discount.

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