Are you happy?

“The biggest rewards in life are found outside your comfort zone. Live with it. Fear and risk are prerequisites if you want to enjoy a life of success and adventure.”

Jack Canfield

On Siren Soapbox Episode 31: Are you Happy, the sirens challenged each other to ask 10 strangers the following questions:

  1. Are you happy?
  2. What is the source of your happiness?
  3. If you could send the world one message, what would it be?

These are the questions being asked around the world right now by Atdhe Trepca and his team of volunteer interviewers. You can check it out on his Instagram page: areyouhappyofficial. We’re excited to see the documentary about his experiences.

To understand what this is all about, check out the trailer for his documentary – click HERE to watch it.

What did we learn from our experiences?

Don’t wait until it’s perfect to put your message or your work out to the world. There is never a perfect time. Just do it.” It felt like she was talking to me (really, to us) about starting this podcast, and starting this project, and being courageous enough to do these things even if it feels scary at first.

Siren Mur

Everyone’s advice for the world really restored my faith in humanity. My favorite piece of advice was: “It’s okay to not love yourself but it doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of love.”

Siren Jess

It was definitely a reminder that it can be wonderful to get out of your comfort zone. It also makes me think about all of the amazing people that I don’t meet…people that I stand next to in line, or sit near at a restaurant. It makes me wonder if the person right next to me would change my life….if I’d just start a conversation!

Siren TC

Being around the ones you love makes you the happiest and the messages for the world are about being kind and just trying to relax and enjoy the moment. Do you know what makes those around you happy? And if you knew that, how would your behavior change?

Siren LC

See if you can watch these videos without smiling…

Siren Mur’s interviews:

Coming soon…the suspense is killing me!

Siren Jess’s interviews:
Siren TC’s Interviews:
Grab some popcorn! There are 12 videos in this playlist!
Siren LC’s interview:

Though our assignment was to ask strangers, perhaps it’s even more important to ask yourself this question!

Are YOU happy? Consider using this question as a starter for a journal entry.

And, do you know what your loved ones would say to this question?

We challenge you to go find out!

Ask your loved ones…

…are you happy?…

…start the conversation.

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