Female Explorers…YOU NEED THIS!

Picture this…you are out in the woods, you’re drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, and suddenly you realize…you have to pee!

If you are a dude, no problem! Just stand behind a tree and whip it out.

If you are a woman, you’ll need to find some well-hidden spot (hopefully with no fire ants or venomous snakes lurking below), pull your clothes down around your ankles and squat – fully exposed to anyone who may happen upon you.

Then, in walks the female urination device…

In Episode 32 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens tested and used different female urination devices. We found that different women prefer different devices.

But we unanimously decided that the devices are worth having!

Do you really need one? Here are just a few situations in which a female urination device can save the day:

  • While wearing a one-piece bathing suit (saved from getting naked to pee)
  • While hiking (saved from venomous snake bites while squatting)
  • During music festivals (saved from having to expose yourself to the world)
  • After leg day at the gym (saved from doing one more painful squat)
  • When the only place to go is a porta-potty (saved from one of the levels of hell)

We also have some tips for using the female urination device:

  • Buy the case (this keeps your purse or backpack urine-free)
  • Stash some alcohol pads in the case with your device (in case it will be a while before you can properly rinse it)

Some words of wisdom from the sirens:

I get to do my business from a whole new view!

Siren LC

We’re not sharing Shewees!

Guest Siren Nessie

I like that it’s bendy!

Siren Jess

Squatting over a porta-potty is one of the levels of hell.

Siren Mur

I have a new-found respect for the good aimers out there!

Guest Siren Sara

I don’t have to pull my pants down to my ankles and expose my behind to everyone!

Siren Tracy

Device reviews from the sirens:

Shewee Flexi and it’s case:

  • Siren TC: “I used the Shewee Flexi in orange and I bought the case. I loved that it was leak-proof and easy to use, and the case keeps it clean. I don’t love how much space it takes in my purse…the case is big.”
  • Guest Siren Sara: “I used the Shewee Flexi, pink with a black case. It’s the only brand I tried, so can’t compare- however I can say this device worked very well, with no leaking. The case is handy, but I worry that it’ll eventually distort the device.”
  • Siren Jess: “I used the Shewee Flexi. I liked that it was flexible but didn’t like that it was kind of big…so, hard for larger girls to get it in the pants.” 🙂
  • Guest Siren Nessie: “The Shewee came in handy and I was very happy I didn’t have to strip down to pee. Super easy and convenient. A downfall for me: The splash… had to wipe down the bowl.”
  • Siren Mur: “Unlike the pStyle, I found this device to work well about half the time. The other half of the time it leaks or doesn’t handle the flow very well.” 

Eazy Peezy:

  • Siren LC: “I’m not a fan. I’m not sure if the tube was pinched or it was a flow problem, did not get easier with repeated use. Trashed.”

Tinkle Belle:

  • Siren LC: “The shape of this one forms the female body better than the Eazy Peezy. Not had any issue with it so far and comes with a case.”

Pee Buddy Disposable:

  • Siren LC: “These are great to throw in your purse or backpack for emergency situations because they don’t take up a lot of space and they are disposable.”


  • Siren Mur: “I love this device because it is rigid and can handle a large volume. Its canal-like design provides the added confidence that the stream is flowing far away from my body (and clothes). It works well every single time.”

The female urination device is a gamechanger for women who love to explore! Buy one now and thank us later! 😉

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