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Through our explorations, the sirens have found lots of different perspectives on the “I AM” statement. While we all understand the value of the I AM statement…there are some versions that we love more than others.

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For episode 38: Optimal Self, the sirens challenged ourselves to explore Jeremy Herider’s method of creating the I AM statement.

If you want to explore this for yourself, first check out this video:

Then join Jeremy Herider’s private Facebook group: Optimal Self Members Only Group. Here, you’ll find downloads for the I AM statements, and other forms that may help you on your journey.

What we love about the Optimal Self version, is the personal commitment and reason for the I AM statement. We found this attaches meaning to the statement. Siren Mur compared this to telling people WHY you appreciate something (adding meaning to the action) rather than just saying you appreciate it.

Here are his rules and steps for creating an effective I AM statement that is truly yours:

  • Rule #1: Don’t lie to yourself (your subconscious mind will tell you, “ummm, no you’re not,” and this will create inner conflict).
  • Rule #2: You must close with an ACTION to your statement (without action, your visions will not come true).

Many of us found this method easier to feel connected to, and once we got started, we wanted to keep writing I AM statements!

Here are our I AM Statements:

I am committed to picking one thing each day that I can do at home to make my life easier. This is important to me because I want to be fully engaged in my relationships. Taking small steps to improve my life will help me become a better parent, partner, and friend. I will prove this to myself by setting a daily priority list and checking off each task as I get it done.”

I am committed to being prepared for retirement in 4 years, because I want to be able to enjoy as many years, having as many adventures with Bill, as I possibly can. I will start with contacting a realtor to help us find a piece of land here in Northern KY where we can build our ideal retirement home. I will also contact a realtor to help us find a piece of property on St. Croix, USVI where we can spend a large part of our time (while being able to rent it out when we are not there). I will also start picking an area of our home every month and reorganizing it with the intent to minimize so our move is easier.”

I am committed to finding a new job because it is essential for completing my dream of moving to Hawaii. I have written this statement on the tops of my morning and evening worksheets and hope it will keep me focused and motivated.”

I am a podcaster at Siren Soapbox where we teach women how to explore again because there are a lot of bored women living mediocre lives (I used to be one of them) and we have the tools to help them change that. I will prove that by continuing to take risks every week by trying new things, talking to new people, and soapboxing with my Sirens in order to tell people how we did it and inspire them to do it too!”

“I am committed to realizing our Siren Soapbox mission (There are a lot of bored women living mediocre lives and we are here to change that) because it has made an impact on my life, and it can impact the lives of others. I will prove it by submitting to present at no fewer than 3 conferences in 2022.”

And now, it’s your turn! Create your own “I AM” statement and share it on social media. Please tag us using #SirenSoapbox so we can see what you’re committed to doing!

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