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Have you ever wondered about the difference between a job and a career? I wondered…so I did a little research. Here’s one explanation:

This infographic can be found on this website.

As I read through these comparisons, it occurred to me that one person’s job is another person’s career – it really is all about perspective. Two people might have the very same job, but the person who is passionate about it and enjoys it may consider it a career. While someone else might go to work every day and view it as monotonous and unfulfilling – for this person, it’s a job.

~Sidebar…this also reminded me of a Maxi Priest song…check it out:

It takes “All Kinds of People!”

I think this is a beautiful reality of life. How amazing would the world be if we could all redistribute and trade jobs with each other for careers so that everyone landed where they’d be the happiest, and most successful?

But, is this possible? I’m not certain…but I do believe we can each make it possible for ourselves!

Step One?


For episode 39, the Sirens challenged each other to do a job shadow. This proved to be very difficult for a group of adults during a pandemic. We shifted the focus just a bit to exploring careers (maybe through a job shadow, and maybe through an interview).

Following the career exploration, each Siren created an artifact of her experience. Here is what we created:

Siren Sara

Siren Sara visited Rumpke Waste & Recycling and took the Rumpke Basic Heavy Equipment Operator Safety Course…then she got to play with the big toys! The VERY big toys! Did Sara have a good time? She reported, “it was a blast driving that monster and crushing trash!”

Check out this video she created:

Siren Jess

Jess completed two job shadows – always the prepared one, she asked two people just to be safe…and both said yes! She feels that both experiences will be very helpful to her with her current job search. Check out Jess’s picture with both of the people she shadowed:

Siren Jess in between the people she shadowed

Siren Mur

Mur knew right away that she wanted to job shadow someone from her dream career – voice acting. How has this exploration impacted her life? Here’s the answer in Mur’s own words:

“I booked a coaching session with a high profile coach in Los Angeles – we meet on November 18. So, while I may not have achieved my goal of speaking to Jenny Slate about what it’s like to be a cartoon character, I have put a lot of work into figuring out that voice acting is in fact a career I’m willing to leap into the unknown for, with the ultimate goal of becoming the voice of a cartoon character.”

Siren Mur

Guest Siren Liz

Guest Siren Liz thought it would be fun to shadow and learn from the owner of a local Italian Restaurant. Covid completely derailed her attempts.  

Liz explained, “my dream shadow would be with a TV interview host of a talk
show – think Oprah or James Corden. The irony is that the weekend saw the first
UK TV interview for Shark Guardian – maybe the universe misinterpreted my
vibes? Delving in to this challenge has reminded me how very lucky I am to have
a job at all right now, doing what I love and making a difference – indeed to be
thriving, in a world where so many are struggling to survive on a daily basis.”

Take a peek at Liz’s Facebook post regarding this whole experience:

Siren TC

Tracy’s initial thought was to shadow someone who works with sea turtles. After reaching out to three people with no luck, she switched gears. Tracy had recently challenged herself to create a prototype magazine by the end of August – so reaching out to some magazine editors was an obvious choice!

Tracy says, “Why was it so difficult for me at first? I’ve come to the conclusion that it fell together exactly when it needed to!”

Tracy created a one-page “sneak peek” flyer as practice for a magazine cover:

Siren LC

LC claims that after this experience, she is a little bit closer to knowing what she wants to be when she grows up! LC reached out to three people, and spent time with two of the three:

  • Kate Albert of Kate Albert Art (find her shop here), and
  • Audra Szabo with the Ohio Department of Agriculture

“Both of these women genuinely love what they do and you can tell by the way they talk about it. And both of their jobs are so important. Kate’s art is beautiful and her style connects you to different areas in Cincinnati and will take you right down memory lane, Audra’s is in wildlife management to protect our native species.

Siren LC

LC (using the skills she needs for her goal of building a YouTube Channel), created YouTube videos from her experiences:

LC interviews Kate Albert
LC’s chat with Audra Szabo (our own lilac tail guest siren)

There is so much to learn from chatting with people about their jobs, or taking a course about a job, or job shadowing. Even if you love your job – and consider it your career – take some time to learn about what other people do.

Who knows how it might impact you to explore others!

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