Explore Your Fears!

Your brain becomes hyperalert, your pupils dilate, and your breathing accelerates…You can hear your heartbeat as your heart rate and blood pressure rise. Blood flow and energy to your muscles increases. Organs not vital to your survival slow down…time seems to stand still. (source)

Sound familiar?


Who is that lurking behind Siren TC & Dino???!

Fear is, as they say, as old as time. Most people talk about fear as though it’s a bad thing, and it can be. But is it always?

What’s good about fear?

  • It puts us on alert for a fight or flight response (though some of us just freeze)!
  • It distracts us from the worries of the world – puts us in the here and now.
  • Some of us like that twisty-tummy feeling it creates.
  • It often leaves us with a euphoric, triumphant feeling once we’ve faced a fear.
  • It can bring us closer to those with whom we experience fearful situations.

As Siren Mur expressed:

But sometimes fear can overwhelm us and prevent us from enjoying things in life that are not actually harmful. It can also lead to unhealthy (and undeserved) opinions of the things we fear (think Jaws…the movie that led to the demonization of sharks).

Regardless of the type of fear, or the severity of its impact, you might want to consider facing it – for fun (either because it’s a fun fear to face, or because the fear is preventing you from having fun). If it is very severe, consider the help of a professional.

In episode 41 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens talk about how they have faced (or plan to face) their fears.

Can you guess which siren has each fear below? Yes, there are more fears than sirens…some of us have more than one.

Make your guesses, then listen to the show to see if you were right (unless you’re afraid of being wrong. Then….well….do it anyway!).

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