Explore Connections…with Celebrities!

If you ever find yourself wondering about the lives of celebrities…or even if you wonder what it would be like to be part of that world…you are not alone!

Author, Traci Langston tells readers about her efforts to score a relationship with a celebrity.

You can read about Traci’s experiences, trials, and tribulations as she searches for love through a form letter in her book: Dear Celebrity: One Woman’s Search for Love Among the Stars.

You must be wondering by now, “what does someone write in a form letter with the hopes of finding love? Glad you asked:

This is the letter sent by author, Traci Langston, to lots of celebrities.

For episode 46 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens followed Traci’s example! We weren’t seeking romantic love, so our letter had to be altered. Our version:

And this was our version of the letter.

What did we learn from this experience? We learned that form letters are probably not the best way to make a connection. We didn’t get many responses, and the responses we did receive were to decline our request.

The sirens have a pretty good track record so far asking people (experts, authors, celebrities) to be on our podcast. These requests typically include an explanation of why it is important to us for them to join our conversation – of how our stories are connected.

Human Connections are deeply nurtured in the field of shared story.

Jean Houston

Connections are vital to living a rich and full life. Seeking connections is human. And it is through shared human experiences that the best connections are made.

So, do we recommend this book? Yes! It is a fun read.

Do we recommend form letters when seeking connection? No. We recommend being authentic and discovering the stories and experiences you share with others.

Meaningful connection is formed when we bravely share our truth.

Micehlle Maros

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