Explore on a Bicycle

The sirens were recently challenged to explore on a bike (speaking of which, did you know that you can challenge us to explore? Click here to challenge us!).

The challenge read:

You gals love getting out of your comfort zone and exploring so why not merge the two? How about the sirens explore somewhere new on a bike? This can be a cruise in a new park or exploring a new part of town or as revved up as taking a mountain bike clinic and learning to ride singletrack! It is amazing what you notice when you aren’t speeding by in a car but can cover way more ground than on foot. What say you sirens?

Amy Stalbaum

What we heard: get your tails on a bicycle!

And so, all the sirens climbed on a bicycle and explored. Not only did we discover new areas, but we also discovered that we miss riding bikes, and we remembered how much we love it.

Here are some pics from the Sirens’ bicycle adventures:

There are so many details you miss from the window of a car. And you just can’t cover the distance on foot. So, the wheels of a bicycle are a perfect balance…you can cover ground and see all of the sights.

We also discovered that there are apps that help you find trails to ride. Here are a couple of our favorites:

There are many benefits of riding bikes! It is good for your body and good for your soul. According to this article, it increases your brain power, sparks creativity, and even improves your sex life (Siren Amy claims that the view when riding behind her husband is worth the energy)!

So, pick an app, pick a trail, get your tail on a bike, and EXPLORE!

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