Explore How Colors Impact You!

Have you heard the saying: “You are what you wear”? Could there be truth to this statement?

Trish McKinnley, Spiritual Mentor, Intuition Coach, Manifestation Expert, and our special (surprise) guest, says YES!

For episode 51 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens were instructed to wear colored glasses, without knowing why. Then we got up on our soapbox and discussed how the colors made us feel.

What did we learn about color?

We learned that wearing different colored glasses can have an effect on your mood and your outlook (aka: you ARE what you wear).

How might the colors impact you?

Red: Vitality, power, passion, & excitement

Orange: Social confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, & Creativity

Yellow: Mental clarity, cheerfulness, & energy

Aqua: Calmness, tranquility, & contentment

Purple (violet): Creativity, inspiration, & sensuality

Is this what we experienced? Each of the sirens shared how wearing the colored glasses made her feel…

…but you’ll have to listen to episode 51 to find out!

There are other colors available, and you can buy a multi-pack with different colors so that you are ready to wear the color that will help you in any situation. On Purple Canyon’s Amazon page, they provide these instructions:

And here is a list of the colors, and how they might benefit you:

If you want to try out your own color therapy glasses, check out this site: Purple Canyon. You can buy your own glasses here.

The sirens discovered that you don’t really have to believe in color therapy (also called chromotherapy) to benefit from exploring these glasses with your friends. We learned things we didn’t know about each other in this episode.

What did we learn about each other?

  • We learned that Siren Sara’s current tail color is NOT her favorite color! Her tail color is peach, but her favorite color is turquoise. Will she change her tail color??? No one knows. But, did you know that Sara feels she always MUST have turquoise nails when she goes to the ocean?
  • We also learned that Siren Sara may have a past Egyptian life (and it’s been reported that it was a good life!) – she is a strong goddess and a kitty-whisperer.
  • Siren Mur loves being in cold, murky water surrounded by people she loves (this is where she does her best soul-searching).
  • Siren TC uses more air when she sees sea turtles while diving (her beau, Dino has the same effect on her)!
  • Trish taught us that wearing black causes us to absorb the negativity of others…but wearing white repels these feelings! Let’s all wear more white!
  • LC has strong intuition. She is very loyal and very deep. She definitely needs to wear more white and less black.
  • Mur might need to look at relaxing and fun in different ways than how others do (I feel like we’ve heard this before – this came up in episode 40: The Fun Habit).
  • Jess may be seeking a spiritual connection to earth and nature in Hawaii. Her soul has called her home to the paradise island of Kauai.
  • Siren TC is about to step more into her power. She needs to pull a project off the backburner and pursue it.
  • LC is ready for the calm waters – it is time for her to nurture herself.

Explore colors and what they mean to you. Think about the colors you’re wearing. Try on some color-therapy glasses. Talk to your friends about your favorite colors and what that means to you and says about you. If you’re really curious, reach out to Trish McKinnley and benefit from her deep knowledge (and her amazing energy)! Read her brand new book: The Essential Manifesting Guidebook 2022.

Send us a message about what colors mean to you! We would love to learn more about YOU!

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