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The sirens were recently challenged to explore a local brewery:

Long-time listener, first time challenger and huge fanboy of Siren TC!

I’d like to offer a challenge to the Sirens to visit a local brewery (everyone should visit a different brewery) and learn everything you can about the brewery. 

Start with their story: How did they originate and come to exist? 

Take a tour and learn how they make their brews. Are there ingredients or processes that might set them apart from their competitors?  Do they specialize/focus on certain flavors? 

Do they have a mission outside of selling beer that they seek to achieve or support that gives them a connection with the local community? 

Then end the visit with a flight of their brews and share which one you like the best.

Dean Cook

During episode 52 of Siren Soapbox, we learned that there is a strong connection between most local breweries and the communities in which they are located. The stories about how a brewery originated, why the area was chosen, how the place was built, local ingredients that are used, and how breweries give back to the community are not just the brewery’s history, but the community’s history, as well.

Fun idea: Explore the local brewery of the next town you visit and see what you can learn about the community through its brew – it’s a delicious way to explore! Then tell us all about it by clicking the button:

Let’s explore what the sirens learned!

Siren Jess almost fulfilled this challenge. She visited Nani Moon Meadery (Hawaii’s only meadery) rather than a brewery…but since she had just moved to Hawaii, we’ll let it slide this time. We learned that mead is the world’s oldest alcoholic drink!

This was Siren Jess’s first mead tasting. Did she like it?

“I definitely look forward to going back and sampling as they do different seasonal meads at this little shop.”

Siren Jess

Here are some pics from her adventure:

Siren LC visited Gatlinburg Brewing Company, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We loved their bear logo!

Here’s what LC had to say about her experience:

“They pulled a new beer into rotation while we were there called “I love it when you call me big Paw paw” it’s what I am drinking tonight and as my husband said when we were at our tasting- “this is stupid good”. It isTHE best beer I’ve ever had and the brewers harvest the paw paw themselves! The food was phenomenal, the service was SO friendly. I highly recommend Gatlinburg Brewing Company! Make sure you check it out and you can see all of my behind the scenes footage on our YouTube Channel!”

Siren LC

Siren Mur chose Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio – the 25th largest craft brewery in the nation.

Mur taught us a little about Rhinegeist:

“Rhinegeist’s flagship beer (or their original) is called Truth which is a flavorful and robust IPA. IPAs are full of hops and have a very distinct flavor profile. Truth is ,by far, their largest seller, making up 55% of the brewery’s sales. It’s also the number 1 selling craft beer in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky… and for good reason. It’s delicious!”

Siren Mur

Siren TC went to the Leatherback Brewery on St Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

Siren TC reported:

“The brewery is named after the Leatherback sea turtle, which nests on the beaches of St Croix. And, as Leatherback Brewery’s website describes: “These majestic creatures are world travelers, yet those born on the island return when the time comes to give life to the next generation.”

I love Leatherback Brewery for every reason a brewery can be loved!”

Siren TC

Here are some pics and videos from TC’s adventures:

Siren Soapbox has added a new way for you to engage with our explorations! Check out our YouTube video of this episode:

Find a brewery…do a little research, prepare your questions…but most of all, have fun and drink up! Cheers!

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