Explore The Great Outdoors – And Live to Tell About It!

Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization.

Charles lindbergh

One thing the sirens have in common is a love of the great outdoors! While it is rejuvenating and provides a beautiful, calm place to get back in touch with yourself, it can also be a place where your survival depends on your readiness.

Are YOU ready?

Jessie Krebs teaches Wilderness Survival in her Masterclass. She explains that the wilderness is her safe zone, and she invites you to get out there and play! “Learn these techniques…it’ll open up a whole new world for you.”

For episode 56 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens prepared to play in the wilderness by participating in Jessie Krebs’ masterclass. We each identified one skill we wanted to master well enough to teach. Then we created our own How To videos; teaching deepens the learning, after all!

Ready to learn? Check us out:

We would love to see a video of YOU teaching a survival skill! Go ahead….record it and send it our way by clicking here:

One thing we love about exploring a topic more deeply, is that you learn so much more than that topic alone!

For example: After noticing that Jessie Krebs uses the word: “Right?” as a filler word, we realized that we each have a filler word or phrase, as well. Most of us have them, right?

What’s your filler word or phrase?

Siren fillers:

But maybe our most important take away is something Jessie said:

The Zen of survival lies in these five things:

Sit Still

Rest Your Gaze

Breathe Deeply

Chin Up

Get Grounded

Jessie Krebs

As we reflect on this advice, we realize that this is true for all of life, not just wilderness survival. Thanks, Jessie!

Now get out there and play!

Pictures provided by JL Aerial Views

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