Explore a Book Through the (private) Eyes of a Casting Director

I don’t know about you, but when I read a well-written book, I picture everything as I read – just like a movie in my mind. I see what the author describes: the city, the buildings, the cars, the scenes as they play out, and the characters – especially the characters.

And, in a really good book, the characters feel like friends. Have you ever missed the characters as soon as you finish the book and close the back cover? This is how the sirens feel about the characters in the Ashe Cayne series (The Unspoken and Wolf Point).

The sirens were very excited to welcome Dr. Ian K. Smith back for episode 57 of Siren Soapbox to discuss his new novel: Wolf Point.

For this episode, the sirens were tasked with casting the main characters of Wolf Point. This is a fun way to explore a book, and requires you to get to know the characters better – how they look, where they’re from, age, and even attitude.

I just want to take a minute to point out that Dr. Ian admitted that he took some notes as we each introduced our cast (you can see him taking notes if you watch this episode on our YouTube Channel).

This book is going to be made into a television series, and we’re excited to see who the casting director chooses!

Films are about people, characters. Finding the right actors to make those characters come to life is no accident.

Martin scorsese

We took our role as casting director seriously! Here’s who we would cast for some of the leading roles:

Siren Mur’s Cast

Siren Sara’s Cast

Siren Jess’s Cast

Siren TC’s Cast

Siren LC’s Cast

The sirens all agree that these two books were not easy to put down. We loved Dr. Ian’s writing style and the twists, turns, and surprises he created for the readers. We think you’d love the books, too!

We suggest you read the first book of the Ashe Cayne series, The Unspoken, before you pick up a copy of Wolf Point. We really hope you do, because we want to hear what you thought of chapter 27 of the Unspoken (hold onto your seat!). Send us a message and let us know!

The sirens love chatting with Dr. Ian! If you want to spend some quality time with him yourself…


Follow these simple steps:

We really do hope you pick up the Ashe Cayne series, and visit Chicago through the pages in the books.

We need people who are passionate about reading. Reading is a great escapism. It makes the world smaller in the sense you can go places you otherwise can’t go.

Dr. Ian K. Smith

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