Explore Your Ancestors & Their Traditions

Traditions can bring meaning to celebrations and build special bonds with others. They nurture connections and help create positive experiences and lasting memories. Traditions deepen our connectedness.

Studies have shown that connectedness is vital to our mental and physical health, and social isolation is a risk factor for death from multiple causes.

Feeling Connected is so important!

Traditions help us feel connected, and social connections increase our level of happiness, help build stronger relationships, and decrease anxiety and depression. So…

…Let’s ALL add traditions!

For episode 58 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens decided to research and add some traditions from our ancestry. But first, we had to identify our ancestry (which we’ll dive into deeper in episode 61: DNA, so stay tuned).

Each of the sirens took a DNA test to discover what might be hidden in the nooks and crannies of our ancestry. The tests that the sirens used are the MyHeritage DNA Test Kit, AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit, and 23andMe Personal Genetic DNA Test.

We discovered that results may look slightly different with different test kits – it has to do with the data they have on record and it gets more accurate with more people in the pool.

Siren LC discovered the theory that your toes can tell you about your ancestry, too. The idea is that your foot shape can tell you one of the ancient groups to which your ancestors belonged. Check it out:

Siren Sara says her toes are all curly so her ancestors are clearly monkeys and Siren Shannon says that her toes show that she needs a pedicure!

One of the best results of the DNA kit is that it spurs conversation with family members. It also reminded each of us of the importance of family and passing down family stories and traditions.

Once we were armed with the details of our ancestry, we each added some holiday celebrations that are traditional for our heritage–with our own personal flair. Some delicious (and not-so-delicious…aka barely edible) drinks & treats were created, candles were lit, songs were sung, logs were burnt, and decorations were hung.

Elf on the shelf is a newer tradition…and we wanted to include some variations on this tradition.

LC and JL Aerial Views run an Elf on the Shelf Movie Edition competition each year. Follow them on Facebook and try your movie I.D. skills, you might win tickets to a movie! Can you guess these?

And…another interesting interpretation of the Elf on the Shelf tradition: Mike on the Shelf (this is Siren Shannon’s husband):

We want to hear some of your traditions! Do they originate from your ancestry, or are they special just to you and your loved one(s)? Reach out and share with us – let’s connect!

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