Explore What Numbers Say about (and to) You!

Have you ever had that strange experience where you keep seeing the same number pop up repeatedly?

In episode 65 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens explored numerology – the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. A numerologist computes a person’s Life Path Number using the numbers from the date of birth. Numerologists believe this number reveals much about a person’s true self.

“Numbers are the means by which we calculate the structure of our physical reality. Every aspect of earthly life can be broken down into mathematics and formulas. Numbers are the tools we use every day to help us interpret and understand our place in time and space. But they are much more than simple digits for us to manipulate and arrange. They are vibrational energies with specific meanings. And they can reveal the very essence of our human journeys.”


You can read more of what Shey has to say about Numerology here.

Curious? Ready to compute your own Life Path number? Get your calculator out and click here.

Now that you have your number calculated, get ready to know yourself better! Here you’ll find the descriptions for each of the numbers.

Provided by Numbers by Shey. You can find her on Facebook here: Numbers by Shey – Numerology – Home | Facebook

We sent our birthdates to Shey and she calculated our Life Path numbers, then described us. Here is what our numbers had to say about us:

1. Siren Sara (Life Path Number Two):

“She is idealistic. She is an improver. She has high expectations of herself and others. She is very protective. She has a critical eye; she can spot flaws and little idiosyncrasies. She’s quite goal-oriented and she’s very helpful/bossy.”

2. Siren Jess (Life Path Number Two):

“Here’s our next siren: She has a very sweet and loving exterior and a steel spine. You would think that she would be a pushover…she would be someone that you could maybe wheedle what you want out of her. But when push comes to shove, this one is the one that’s dangerous. She has high expectations of herself and others. And she is a builder, as many of the sirens are. She likes quality. She prefers quality in her friends and who she surrounds herself with, and what she surrounds herself with. Very achievement-oriented also. Very very hard on herself if she makes a mistake – heaven forbid anything be her fault.”

3. Siren Mur (Life Path Number Six):

“The next siren is stubborn – a little bit nit-picky. She likes to get up in everybody’s business just because she likes to help and support…and next thing you know she’s all in there doing it (and is very good at it). She’s very efficient when she gets going. She has a tendency to be an improver. She likes to come in and say, ‘We can fix this. We can make it better…if you just put this over here and that over there, it would be better.'”

4. Siren TC (Life Path Number Four):

“Our fourth siren is practical, ‘let’s get down to business.’ She is skeptical. She’s the ‘prove it to me’ siren. She is very earthy and dependable and reliable. She can also be very blunt. She’s not a show-off, she’s not going to come in and take over, but she’s very much a supervisor. She likes to supervise from the wings. Very work-oriented.”

5. Siren LC (Life Path Number Seven):

“Now we have our last siren…very spiritually inclined, very faith-based. Very…actually…fearless. Resilient. When this siren comes up against a situation she is going to face it head on. She just wants to know the bottom line; she wants to know the truth of it. She’s going to be all up in the facts. She’s to the point. She does need her quiet time. She needs solitude. If she gets overwhelmed, she needs to back away and spend some time outside or just by herself to regroup. She’s very detail-oriented. She just wants the facts – ‘just give me facts’ and then she can work with it. And organized – she likes to understand why things are the way they are.”

6. Challenger Pam (Life Path Number Three):

And our last one is very sensitive…very sensitive to criticism. Even though she has a critical eye, she is inspirational, a fountain of ideas, curious, open, artistic, temperamental, moody. She can spot flaws. And she can nip if she’s challenged, but she would rather not have to do that. She would rather just be rational and civilized. But if push comes to shove, she’ll speak her mind.”

Shey could tell that the sirens are a cohesive group – and we agree!

The sirens challenge you to use the tools provided above and calculate your Life Path Number. We’d love to know if you agree with what you learn!

If you want to hear what Shey can reveal about you through your numbers, reach out to her on Facebook (just click here).

You might find yourself asking, “Now that I know my number, what do I do with it? What now?”

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