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Welcome to Siren Soapbox!




“There are a lot of bored women living mediocre lives!

We are here to change that!”

Siren [sahy’ ruhn]: noun – A woman who dives and explores, especially one who identifies as a mermaid. The tail-color of a siren indicates personality attributes.

Siren Soapbox is a podcast with a core group of Sirens as the heart and soul. We explore, then get on our soapbox as a secure space to discuss our experiences and opinions.

We are courageous sirens diving outside of our comfort zones with new experiences, trusting ourselves and our buddies, and realizing life is about the journey, not the destination.

We understand that exploring is a vital part of life. Without it, time slides by & behaviors repeat. We’re grateful that we stumbled upon a practice of holding ourselves, and each other, accountable for exploring & getting out of our comfort zones. We’ve met authors, actors, conservationists, business owners, diet gurus…maybe even a few aliens and ghosts! We’ve explored religion, created recipes with essential oils, learned how to meditate, faced our fears, interpreted dreams, hunted down treasures, and even learned to pee standing up. 

We have learned that exploring is easy, natural, & inexpensive. It’s also important for the human spirit. Exploring is a lifestyle. Exploring is a mindset. Exploring can happen anywhere – everywhere! Exploring is easy. And we are determined to get our message out and help everyone learn (actually re-learn) how to explore. This has become our mission.

This is a podcast about women who explore – friends who go on adventures.

Dive In, Stay Curious, & Be Happy!

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