Meet the badass women behind the voices!

Lauren (LC) – aqua tail.

Hello! My name is Lauren a.k.a LC. Born in New York, currently reside in Cincinnati, and hope to anchor my home in Florida soon! I married my college sweetie and despite some troubled years, we move forward stronger with God by our side. I think my son is quite possibly my husband’s clone because they are twinning! I may be biased, but my son is the most amazing, empathetic, funny, smart, caring kid in the world! I grew up with a very loving family. My parents are amazingly supportive and my biggest cheerleader. My little bro grew up to be a great guy with a beautiful family- I am the luckiest aunt ever! 

It may have taken me 18 years to get my bachelors (never give up on your dreams kids), I am not a doctor- lol. My degree was in Maritime Studies because I will forever be in love with our oceans. For a time, I had what I thought was my dream career in diving. While diving will always hold a special place in my heart, I had to be courageous enough to learn new skills and follow my passions. My husband and I own our own company, JL Aerial Views, where we get to have a traveling office, be outdoors, and take images for different clients. I also am a resin & watercolor artist and blogger at Complete Courage

Siren Soapbox has been unlike anything I have ever originally imagined… well, I mean I fantasized about how big it could get it, but I didn’t think it would get nearly the traction it has! I absolutely love diving in to new adventures with my friends and meeting people from all over the world. I truly hope that we can inspire people to be more positive, happy, and motivated to take the steps they need to achieve their goals. That’s what life is all about right?

For fun, you can catch me outside with my camera being at one with nature. If I’m really lucky that day, I am on my blue kayak taking pictures! I love camping, traveling, hiking, biking, and ziplining with my family. If I must be indoors, I’ll be crafting or watching Expedition Unknown.

Mary (Mur) – red tail.

Hello! My name is Mur and I’m one of the voices of Siren Soapbox. I’ve lived in Cincinnati, OH my entire life, but I look forward to moving someplace where the sun shines all year long. My life path has been non-traditional and has found me in my 40’s still working on my undergrad in Organizational Leadership at NKU (GO NORSE!). I agree with LC – don’t ever give up on your dreams, kids! 

My path also led me to being a teen mom before that music television station figured out how to profit from the drama of being a teenage parent. Being a teen mom has had a huge influence on the type of adult I’ve turned out to be and taught me one of life’s greatest lessons: it’s never too late to start making better choices. 

While my son is a full grown adult with a career and everything, I’m still raising my two teenage daughters and my teenage nephew with my ex-husband (who is quite possibly the best ex on the planet). I hope to write a book about divorcing amicably and it will feature real life examples of how we co-parent. 

I’m head over heels in love with my boyfriend, Mark, and his two sons (for those keeping track at home – that makes 6 kids!). Dating as a post divorced adult with kids can be tricky. Because we each have our kids half the time, we prioritize the other half of our time for each other. I think this balance helps bring us closer together.

I love to be outdoors and especially love being in or near the water. This love of the water (and a nudge from TC) is what brought me to become a SCUBA diver. I’m currently a PADI certified Divemaster and plan to work as a teaching Divemaster at Scuba Unlimited beginning the summer of 2021.  If I’m not underwater, I’ll be hiking, geocaching, camping, beekeeping,  or getting my hands dirty in the garden. I also love indoor activities like painting, sewing, and binding handmade journals. 

This podcast has taught me to reach beyond my comfort zone and really work for what I want. This journey has been so much fun and I am so excited to continue sharing all of our crazy adventures with all of you!

Jess – purple tail.

Hi! I’m Jess Purple Tail! I am so excited you decided to join us on our crazy adventures. A little background about myself: I am from the Dayton, Ohio area originally and am currently living in Kauai, Hawaii by way of Cincinnati, Ohio and Columbia, South Carolina where I went to college (Go Gamecocks!). I met my amazing husband while taking a course at a local Ohio college before going to USC and we were long distance our entire relationship. Don’t let anyone tell you that long distance relationships can’t work. They are hard, my friends, but can absolutely work if you are both in it! I moved back to Ohio after graduation, but a piece of my heart will forever live in Charleston, South Carolina; my favorite city on Earth.

I am currently a cat mom but hope to someday have a kid or two if that’s in the cards for me (a long story for another time). I am also a proud aunt to a handful of nieces and am very close with my family. I enjoy spending time outside with my husband. I also love traveling and taking long weekends and exploring with my fellow Sirens. I love scuba diving, anything ocean related (besides jellyfish), knitting, campfires, and my friends who are my second family.

My superpower is that I can cry about anything and nothing! I am super empathetic and will cry if someone else is crying, or I’m frustrated, or angry, look, it’s who I am. I am also very loyal to those I love. I will hold grudges if someone hurts a loved one and I would like to say I’m working on that…. I will forgive something done to me very quickly but watch out if you mess with a loved one. Well anyway, that’s about all you need to know about me. I’m a pretty open book though, so keep tuning in to the podcasts to learn more than you probably ever wanted to know! Thanks for stopping by!

Sara (first syllable rhymes with “CAR”) – Peach tail.

Hello! My name is Sara. Pronounced differently from how Americans usually pronounce the name, because I was born (and named) in the north of England. As a child, I lived in Belgium, Switzerland, and the Philippines, before ending up in the United States, where I live to this day. I graduated high school in the Greater Cincinnati area, then completed medical school at the University of Cincinnati. Though I lost most of my accent years ago, and I think of the U.S. as home, I’m still a citizen of the UK (God Save the Queen!).

While I love living in the Cincinnati, OH area, I plan to spend a large part of my retirement somewhere a little more tropical. No definite destination yet, but visiting Siren TC in St. Croix (USVI) has certainly solidified that idea! Let’s face it, for a diver, the desire to live on a Caribbean Island just seems natural!

The beauty of the sea drew me to start diving more than 30 years ago. I am a Rescue Diver who has experienced time underwater in Hawaii and Tahiti in the Pacific, as well as Grand Cayman, Honduras (live-aboard dive trip) and Mexico (cavern diving). And of course, living in the mid-west of the United States, I’ve also had several dives in lakes and quarries. I am a firm believer that some of the best adventures involve diving out of our comfort zones, literally and figuratively. Scuba diving was a big leap out of my comfort zone, but I have loved being a diver.

I am an Anesthesiologist at a large community hospital. I have worked there pretty much since I finished my residency at the University of Cincinnati. I love what I do at work, but I am definitely looking forward to retirement. I am married to an amazing man who shares my love of travel and adventuring. Continuing our adventures is the focus of our post-retirement life together. We both look forward to retiring early enough to be able to enjoy it!

My husband, Bill, is my best friend, confidant, and partner in all of life’s adventures. He is also Siren TC’s brother! Bill and I have made plans for adventures that will keep us exploring the world for the next seven-hundred years. We don’t have a bucket list, because there is no “bucket”. There is just Life. And in our Life together, we will explore and adventure, together, forever.

I am also the proud Mom of three amazing kids – and the Step Mom of another three wonderful kids. I love being Mom, and Momma Murray, and am so happy to be Nana Sara to the cutest grandchild in the universe!

I started with the Sirens as a guest Siren in May of 2021, and I am so excited to have been asked to be a full time Siren! The Siren Soapbox episodes are all about pushing beyond your comfort zones and finding new, challenging adventures. I am just thrilled to be a part of the group, and hope that our podcast encourages and motivates our listeners to have their best adventures too!

I’m so grateful to be part of Siren Soapbox with these amazing women. I am excited to see where this leads us, and I hope you have as much fun listening to each episode as we have creating them! Cheers!

Tracy (TC) – orange tail.

Hi! My motto is “Someday is the most dangerous word.” I believe that the best time to do something is right when you decide you want to do it!

A few sailing trips in the British Virgin Islands, and a vacation in Puerto Rico was all I needed to know that the Caribbean was the place for me. After creating a list of island non-negotiables (sea turtle population, airport on island, ability to own property and start a business, etc), as well as a list of preferences, I chose my new island home through research, without having visited.

It was trial by fire – or actually by wind – when I moved from Cincinnati to St Croix in July, 2017. After only two months on island, I was welcomed to my rock by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and I spent the next three months without power. But I’ve never doubted this decision. Living on the island, diving, hanging out with turtles and tortoises, hiking with my dog, Hendrixx, and adventuring with my boyfriend, Dean, are among my favorite things in life.

My passion is to live a happy life, and to help others do the same. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it takes purposeful determination to choose happiness. I also believe that saying “YES!” as often as possible is a vital part of living a happy life full of adventure. You can read about the life lessons I’ve learned from my creep of 14 tortoises on my blog Tales from Torti Town: Life Lessons Learned from Tortoises.  You can read about some of my adventures and lessons on my blog: Adventures & Musings, and I also contribute to the blog: Women Who Live on Rocks.  

I’m so grateful to be part of Siren Soapbox with these amazing women. I am excited to see where this leads us, and I hope you have as much fun listening to each episode as we have creating them! Cheers!

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