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Explore Your Wild

Do you wish that growth and self-awareness was a little easier to accomplish? Do you ever feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself…forgotten your wild side? Do you enjoy yoga, but find it difficult to find the time to get to your local yoga studio? If you answered yes to any of these questions, thenContinue reading “Explore Your Wild”

Explore Your Subconscious

Creativity is born from the richness of being alive. The voice in the Lumenate app For episode 62 of Siren Soapbox, the sirens experimented with psychedelics! (Really? I hope you’re not thinking we’re exploring drugs…you know us better than that!) The sirens tried the app: Lumenate. This is an app that uses your phone’s flashlightContinue reading “Explore Your Subconscious”

Explore Your Ancestors & Their Traditions

Traditions can bring meaning to celebrations and build special bonds with others. They nurture connections and help create positive experiences and lasting memories. Traditions deepen our connectedness. Studies have shown that connectedness is vital to our mental and physical health, and social isolation is a risk factor for death from multiple causes. Traditions help usContinue reading “Explore Your Ancestors & Their Traditions”

Explore The Great Outdoors – And Live to Tell About It!

Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization. Charles lindbergh One thing the sirens have in common is a love of the great outdoors! While it is rejuvenating and provides a beautiful, calm place to get back in touch with yourself, it can also be a place where your survival depends on your readiness. AreContinue reading “Explore The Great Outdoors – And Live to Tell About It!”


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