Aaarrrrggh…Find Ye Treasure, Matey!

“There’s a treasure hidden in every moment. The joy of life is finding it!” ~Katrina Mayer I once read that treasure hunting is addictive. The thrill of the hunt is real! And so…GEOCACHE! Children across the world and across time have had dreams of treasure-hunting adventures (and this includes the inner-child that all lucky adultsContinue reading “Aaarrrrggh…Find Ye Treasure, Matey!”

Are YOU ready to explore a new diet?

There are many reasons you might consider exploring a new diet: Seeking your “Beach Body”…summer is here! Clothes are feeling a little too tight…and you are determined that you are NOT going to buy a new wardrobe (in a larger size)! Preparing for a big event (wedding bells?) or a vacation. Training for a sportingContinue reading “Are YOU ready to explore a new diet?”

Episode # 28: The Adventure Challenge

What is life, but one grand adventure? Adventure comes in many shapes and sizes. Let’s face it, one person’s adventure, is another person’s day-to-day. Sometimes it’s fun to see how differently we all interpret adventure, and to what depths or lengths we go to experience new things. This is what I love about The AdventureContinue reading “Episode # 28: The Adventure Challenge”