Explore Your Own Adventure – YES

Explore the YES Challenge.

If you choose to explore the yes challenge, get ready to experience the unplanned!

Push your limits by taking the YES pledge – for at least one full day. This package also include a 21 Day journey to open doors of possibility and opportunity!

The sirens will send you an adventure package that includes all you need to explore this YES mindset. Once you receive the package, the adventure begins!

This package starts with a 20 minute pre-exploration conference with Siren TC and two other sirens of your choice.

You’ll “Begin with Yes” by reading the book with the same name by Paul Boynton The Siren Soapbox journal pages will guide reflection as you read.

Next, use the 21 Day Companion Workbook to explore your dreams, set goals, remove obstacles, and begin taking small steps toward living the life you want.

During the 21 Days, you will have access to the Sirens via a messaging group. Brainstorm your thoughts, discuss your progress, be part of a group working through the 21 days together.

Next, watch Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, which was based on a book by Danny Wallace. There are journal pages for this, as well.

All of this “research” is leading to the challenge: Say Yes to every invitation and question for a day. The official “YES Manifesto” is included as a journal page. And of course, any experience without reflection is a missed opportunity, so you will find journal pages for this as well. Remember to take your digital clicker counter with you and keep count of those No’s!

Once you have completed your adventure, we will wrap up with another Siren conference. We can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

And, explore your chance to be a guest on Siren Soapbox podcast! Share your experience with your very own soapbox on a special episode of Siren Soapbox.

The Pre- and Post-Conferences, book, companion workbook, collaborative messaging group, movie, journal pages, clicker counter, and a guest appearance on our podcast – priceless. This package: $200.00 (group rates are available)

This exploration package includes:

A 20 minute pre-exploration conference with the 3 sirens (including Siren TC).

Begin with Yes by Paul Boynton

Begin with Yes – The 21 Day Companion Workbook by Paul Boynton

On demand communicate with the sirens via messaging app while you work through the 21 Day companion workbook

Yes Man thee movie

Digital Clicker Counter

Journal pages for your Siren Soapbox Leather Journal Notebook

A post adventure wrap-up conference with the sirens

You’ll be invited to join a special podcast recording with other Guest Explorers.

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