Siren Soapbox Coloring Book

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There are a lot of bored women leading mediocre lives! We are here to change that!

This coloring book is to help those who want to explore and those who need to explore (we ALL need to).

If you would like to explore more, just need some ideas, or if you just want a group of exploring friends,
find us at
Reach out – we’re waiting for you!

In the meantime, EXPLORE!
Your world…Your country… your town… your backyard… your mind… Just EXPLORE!

This particular coloring book is the culmination of the first year of the critically acclaimed podcast, Siren Soapbox! The book has a few precious nuggets of wisdom from the show. So throw your “shoulds” out the window, unlock your creativity, and color all over this book!

1 review for Siren Soapbox Coloring Book

  1. Lauren Connolly

    This coloring book is just so much fun and so meaningful. It really captures the essence of Siren Soapbox- exploring beyond comfort zones! Dive In – Stay Curious – Be Happy!

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